Follow these steps if you wish to become a SnR recruit.

Please take the time to read the rules before applying!
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Follow these steps if you wish to become a SnR recruit.

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Please follow these steps if you wish to become a recruit in the SnR Clan.

  • 1. Play on our Call of Duty, World at War public server for at least 3 months prior to submitting an application, and try to play on the SnR server during the Rct period (mandatory for becoming a recruit).

    2. Play tactically on our public server (mandatory for becoming a recruit).

    3. Get to know the SnR Clan members (NOT mandatory for becoming a recruit, but very wise and a must to get a sponsor in the clan, Having a sponser is not compulsary).

    4. Always be in our TS 3 server for in-game communications when playing (mandatory for becoming a recruit).

    5. Be active in our forums (mandatory for becoming a recruit).

    6.When you have finished the Rct period, you are able to pay the mandatory $5 per month as all members do.

    7. Show that you care more about team play than your own score.
    We aren’t looking for people that have 10 kills and no deaths but allow their teammates to die due to lack of communication or selfish game play (mandatory for becoming a recruit).
8.Please state your age or date of birth.

Once you can say to yourself that you are doing items 1 – 6 above fill out an application to be considered as a recruit in the SnR Clan.

Becoming approved as a recruit in the SnR clan is a privilege and is an extended period for the clan to see if you follow the clan ways and are a good fit for us AND if the clan way’s is something for you.
Being a recruit does not means you automatically become a full member in the clan, this has to be earned through the recruit period with dedication in our training program and on our TS and game server.

Weapon's Issue to an SnR Recruit.
  • At all Times a Recruit is to have A bolt rifle only.
  • Pistols are not issued to any Rct's so NOT allowed in any situations.
  • Rifle attachments; bayonet only (no rifle nades).
  • Primary Grenades Frag only (no Molotov cocktails, sticky's but only If there are tanks on the map.)
  • Special Grenade's, Smoke Only (no Signal Flares or Tabun gas).
Rcts are not allowed to use any form of mounted weapon's or vehicle's of any description.
  • Perk # 1 Bandolier or Frag Grenades x2.
  • Perk # 2 Any.
  • Perk # 3 Any.